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Class C Ip Checker

Enter up to 40 Domains (Each Domain must be on separate line)

About Class C Ip Checker

The Class C IP Checker is very simple to use, In the text area enter the domain name of the sites that you want to identify the Class C IP. After entering the domain names in c class IP checker click the ‘Get Info’ button. The utility will run the test and return the results.

  • Enter up to 40 Domain In Text Area, (Each Domain must be on separate line)

In the results, C class IP checker will display the hostnames that you had entered, and against each hostname, it will display their IP address, Class C IP, and status.

The results will show you the hosts that are sharing the same class C IP and if the status is ‘valid’ then everything is ok. This duplicate IP address checker tool is handy to know which other websites are sharing the same IPs.