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What is a Sorority Bid?

Bid Day is coming up and you don't know what to expect? Here's how the bid process works!

Wondering what a Sorority Bid is? It's given on Bid Day, the last day of the formal recruitment period.

Traditions on Bid Day vary by campus, but most Bid Days have gathering where all sororities get together to announce their bids, which is the last step in joining sororities.

Sorority chapters that are recruiting will hold Bid Day events to help new recruits get to know their new sisters. Don't expect alcohol or men, as per the Unanimous Agreement there will be neither.

The chapters have specific quotas for the number of potential new members to which each chapter can offer bids. The number of women going out for sorority recruitment is a factor in figuring out the quota.

You will have signed a Panhellenic Sorority Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) as part of the rush process and will have indicated which chapters you are rushing.

There are several things that could happen on Bid Day


First, you should only get one bid if you are going through formal recruitment

  • You get a bid from your top choice
  • You get a bid from one of the other chapters on your MRABA
  • You don't get a bid
  • You get a surprise bid after not getting one at the formal event

Here are some options for how to respond to a sorority bid

If you get a bid from your top choice and you have no reservations, you are good to go!

If one of the other chapters gives you a bid, but not your top choice, you can:

  • Decide not to join during the formal recruitment period so you can rush your top choice again (better find out why you didn't get selected)
  • Take the bid of the second tier chapter because you met the girls and they are ok. (this is also true if you get a surprise bid after fact)
  • Swear off Greek life altogether

You can always discuss what happened with the recruitment counselors that are around during the process to help you figure out what went wrong.

I wish you lots of luck and hope you get the bid your are looking for!

I hope this article helped you get a feel for what a sorority bid is and what to expect on Bid Day - leave me a comment!

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