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Best Planner For College: Wall Planner DIY Step by Step


Ok, the whiteboard best planner for college is one of my favorite dirt-cheap DIY project for students to keep track of homework and assignments and stuff.

Yes, I know that having a calendar on your phone with alerts set up is almost all you need to make sure you don't miss something, HOWEVER

You won't miss something that is staring you in the face day in and day out!

My girl used this technique to get through a really competitive residency program so I know it works! Here's how to to do this project step by step.

The benefit of having a wall-mounted student planner and agenda is astronomical. You can create a calendar of every major project each semester, plan out your year, or just use it to capture agenda items and school events.

The thing I like most about this mounting technique versus a whiteboard sticker is that the sticker will pull the paint off your wall when you try to remove it years later. This technique will only leave four tiny holes.

Step 1 to the Best Whiteboard College Planner: Do a little shopping and gather supplies

Most of these can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowes.

  • White Wallboard
  • Mirror Hanger Kit
  • Dry Erase markers and eraser (Staples or Office Depot)
  • Hammer or screwdriver
  • Pencil

Step 2 to the College Wall Planner: Figure out where you want to mount it and mark the wall

  • Pick a spot that you will see every day
  • Should be high enough to write comfortably, low enough to see comfortably
  • Use the pencil to mark the wall along the top and the  bottom edge about 2 inches in from the side

Step 3 to the Whiteboard College Organizer: Mount It

  • Use the mirror mounting kit and install two mounts two inches in from each side STARTING WITH THE BOTTOM
  • Once the two bottom ones are mounted, place the whiteboard on them, and then install the top two mounts.

LAST STEP to the DIY College Wall Planner: USE IT!

I've found that putting the following type of information on the wallboard is the most effective:

  • Big Projects like term papers, thesis, projects that are multi-month.
  • Stuff happening this week that you may need a day's notice for
  • Don't put too much on it or you will stop looking at it
  • Add an inspiration saying to it to keep you motivated!

That's the DIY Best Planner for College in three easy steps. Use it well!


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