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8 Popular Movie Based Fraternity and Sorority Mixer Themes

Here are some movie based fraternity and sorority mixer themes that you can do without a ton of work. Have the movie on repeat during the party and be sure to have a theme playlist ready to go.


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A Gatsby party is in tribute to the "The Great Gatsby" one of the great American Novels of the last century!

Given the upscale nature of this fraternity and sorority social idea, the overall cost is a bit higher than some of the other themes, so if you are looking for decadent, look no further!

The way to plan this party is to mimic one of Gatsby's parties, with girls wearing 1920s "flapper" clothing, guys in white suits, and decorating everything in the "art deco" style, and drinking champagne, (or ginger ale ) from beautiful champagne glasses.

At some Gatsby parties in the summer, where everyone had to dress in white, men can wear beautiful linen suits.

But for collegiate purposes it's a fabulous party to throw especially if 4 organizations go in on it together and really go all out. It's ideal for a once-a-year tradition sort of party.

Throw a Boogie Nights party where everyone dresses like porn stars from the 1970's. You can combine this with a thrift shop theme and limit everyone to $20 or less.

Some ideas for the fellas:

  • Polyester Suits
  • Mustaches
  • Wigs
  • Sunglasses

For the ladies:

  • Too much makeup (lots of blush and eyeliner)
  • Big, big hair
  • Too much gold jewelry

1970's music is a must, and the more disco, the better!


I'm so glad they made this Straight Outta Compton movie so I could make it a fraternity and sorority mixer theme!

  • Rapper / Thug attire
  • Sports Starter Cap
  • Gold Chains
  • White sneakers
  • A whole lotta attitude!

Have all the N.W.A albums on your playlist ready to go!

harry-potter-Warner Bros

Warner Bros.

Channel your inner witch or wizard with a Harry Potter themed mixer.

Robes and glasses. White shirts and ties. Or you could be Dumbledore, or Dobby the house elf! So many options!

Decorations are things like bats, plastic cauldrons with dry ice in them, broomsticks laying around.

Have the soundtracks from the movies on repeat, and if you happen to have the books, have them laying around too!


A "Seven" party gives you the chance to dress as your favorite deadly sin, or as Brad Pitt or Morgan Freeman.

  • Gluttony: pair a fat suit with always having food in your hands, or mouth
  • Greed: dress very uppity, with big fake jewerly and go around asking people to donate to your favorite charity: you!
  • Sloth: dress super sloppy, untied shoes, unkempt hair, stains on your clothes, etc. Go around yawning or just slump on a couch
  • Envy: dress in green, green face paint, and ask everyone where they got whatever (because you want one)
  • Wrath - red face, menacing body language, occasionally have an outburst
  • Pride: dress to perfection, and carry a mirror around to look in a primp
  • Lust: Dress like you're ready for lovin' and hit on everybody..and I mean everyone!

One of the most popular movie based mixer themes is the Risky Business social

Most people will dress as Tom Cruise's character in the movie in the scene where he plays air guitar while jumping around on just about every piece of furniture in the room.

  • Tighty whitey's, white socks, and a button down shirt (pink like the movie, or white is ok too)
  • Sunglasses
  • Be sure to occasionally jump up on furniture and play some air guitar, ha ha!


To be frank, I have no idea why the Twilight movies were popular, but they do make for a good mixer theme.

For guys, this is a good excuse to spend some quality time with your favorite girl getting made up as Edward or one of the other male vampires:

  • White face paint or some pale foundation (ask a girl)
  • Lipstick if you don't already have cherry red lips
  • Eye shadow and eyeliner
  • Dark t-shirt with no logo
  • Skinny jeans
  • Practice brooding, ha ha!

Ladies, its either Bella, or you gotta go with a female vampire! For Bella, you wanna go with

  • Hoodie jackets
  • Skinny jeans
  • Converse sneakers
  • long sleeve shirts under a short sleeve shirt
  • Be sure to hunch your shoulders and smell your hair a lot 🙂


Start an annual Hunger Games function. Although the popularity of the movies may wain, the popularity of this mixer will not!

Here's how to do it:

  • Randomly pair dates by the wrist and tape a glow stick to your backs.
  • The object is to ‘kill’ the other tributes by taking their lives (the glow sticks).
  • Make the arena set in a woodsy area like a camp or a sponsor with land. Be sure everyone understands where the boundaries lay.
  • Set some ground rules at the beginning to keep things safe.
  • No kills for the first ten minutes to give people time to hide.
  • Prizes for the most kills and last tributes standing.

Do you have a movie-based fraternity and sorority mixer theme to add? Leave us a comment!

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