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330+ Mixer and Social Themes Master List for Fraternities and Sororities Part 3

Here are 342 mixer themes for fraternities and sororities to use to plan your mixers and socials!

Thrift Mixer Theme



$5 Prom

Spend no more than $5 on an outfit or $5 on food (the goal is to get something from Goodwill, snaz it up with cheap jewlery and go to McDonalds w/ a party afterwards)works best as a team effort with a fraternity

Homeless and Hobos

Greet every attendee with a brown paper bag beverage, wear cardboard signs. Hang up empty beer cans and crumpled newspaper. Smear something on your face to look like dirt

I Got It for $10

Outfits must cost $10 or less

Tied Up Mixer Theme




Pick partners-handcuffed all night. Have events and games with prizes for the winners

My Tie

All the guys put one of their ties in a box (bag, etc.) and as each girl walks in she picks a tie out of box . the girl then walks around introducing herself to the guy by asking if the tie belongs to them (great icebreaker!) and if does not they move on but if the tie belongs to the guy the two of the use the tie like handcuffs and stay tied together. Or they just chat.


Competition at its finest! Challenge your mind, your friends, your own brothers and sisters to an evening of fast, frenzied, and fantastic boardgame playing.Here is the concept: men must supply one of their neckties. All the ties are thrown into a huge pile or box. The women are then instructed to choose a tie and wear it. Each man has to find the woman who is wearing his tie... once the two have found each other, a match is made. They then act as a team and participate in the evening’s activities. Set up different board games throughout the event location. Each room should have a new game and a game-specific snack and alcohol-free drink. Be sure to have the favorites handy — Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Life, Risk, Clue, Scruples and Scattergories are always enjoyed. The teams travel throughout the event and play abbreviated versions of the games. Have teams carry a scorecard. Points are given for each game a team wins... teams that accumulate the most points receive prizes.

Ties and Lies

Each brother brings a tie and on the back he put 3 truths and 1 lie about himself on it. Then the girls had to find out whose tie they had by asking questions.

Zip Ties and Mai Tais

Guys get zip tied to a girl and share mai-tais

Watersports Mixer Themes



Hooked on You

Charter a fishing boat and invite a fraternity/sorority to go along. great way to guys to talk to the girls while teaching them to fish

Hot Tubbin'

Requires a hot tub

Lake Regatta

Set up on a local river or lake. Possibilities include cardboard boat, inner tube, raft, kayak, canoe, or rubber ducky races. Girls in swimsuits and cutoffs. Finger foods and refreshments.

River float trip

Camp out along the river.


Sailing party at near lake or ocean with no alcohol.

Wedding Mixer Themes



Newlywed Game

This is an increasingly popular social event with students across the country. Arrange this event just like the game show... but since there are not too many married couples in college, use couples that have been dating for a long time. It’s amazing to see how much couples who have been dating already know about each other. Just be sure to tailor the questions to fit your brand of newlyweds. Questions could be similar to the ones on the television show , but make them more specific to dating, college and the campus, etc. Participants who are not serving as one of the couples should be the audience. You’ll find that the members of the audience will enjoy watching and listening to the couples argue as much as those couples who are playing the actual game. So, despite one’s introverted or extroverted nature, this event can be fun for everyone. If someone is interested, filming the event is a bonus. Find a video camera and get this on video... You’ll be surprised at the number of times you will view the even t after it is over. Think about arranging a nice evening out for the winning couple... possibly a dinner and a movie? Whatever the case, you won’t soon forget your version of the Newlywed Game!

Full Wedding

Throw a full wedding, but nobody actually gets married. Bachelor/bachelorette parties beforehand, then put the girls and guys together and 'marry' off someone

Wedding Tap

You have a shot for every stage dating engage married children and the worst shot divorce Socials randomly pick partners you can get divorced and date someone else

Who Wants to Marry A (insert GLO)

Self explanatory

Western Social Themes




Hats, jeans, boots, belts, ropes… and a bull ride if you can manage it

Midnight Cowboy/Urban Cowboy

Dress like characters from the movies, have cowboy props as decorations, practice roping.

Hay Ride

Have a hayride and campfire. Take students to a local forest preserve or state park. Roast marshmallows, tell stories, and sing songs.

Barn Dance

Find a western type of restaurant/bar/venue that has a mechanical bull and a big dance floor. Get dressed up in a western style boots/jeans/flannels/cowboy hats and go out to the place. Ride the Bull!

Hoe Down

Barnyard attire

Wet Western

Dress up like cowboys and use water guns, or guns with beer in them.

Wild Wild West

Straight up cowboys and indians in this western theme.

Write-On Mixer Themes




Everyone wears white/neon and you buy a bunch of highlighters. Plug in a bunch of blacklights and have fun drawing on each other

Paint Mixer

Have a room covered top to bottom with tarps and at the bar there were huge jugs of paint and one big paint war ensues. Added bonus for flourescent paint and black lights.

Paint War

Have a paint war swap with a fraternity... Wear old clothes and go out into a field and have water balloon fights with balloons filled with (water soluble) paint


Is pretty much how it sounds,it's messy but great fun for everyone.

Tattoo Party

Get 6 or so names from the sorority/fraternity, have to find those people and have them sign their name somewhere on your body (more points for more risque places)

Miscellaneous but Awesome Mixer Themes



Cruise Ship

Here’s a great event for the women to arrange for the men... in their home. If housing is not available, be sure that the women still arrange this event. What a fantastic way for the women and men in your campus community to cooperate socially. Decorate the facility (house, lodge, room in the student union, barn or whatever) like a ship...palm branches, beach balls, lounge chairs, and sunbrellas. Attire for the evening is cruise or beach wear. For entertainment, set up outdoor shuffleboard. Play big bandmusic for dancing and set up a huge buffet. Have a captain’s table and draw for those who will be lucky enough to eat at his/her table. Provide non-alcoholic fruity boat drinks complete with pineapple slices, straws and little umbrellas.


Secure about six white sheets together to create a movie screen. Hang the sheet on the side of the chapter house or from the balcony. Pull it real tight. Rent the appropriate projection machines so that members and guests can view a movie in a drive-in environment. Machines are available through most rental stores. The event can be designed as an actual drive-in where the sheet is hung on the side of the house facing the parking area. Members and guests will be able to sit in parked vehicles and view the movies, eat snacks and relax. The sheet could also be hung facing the roomiest part of the yard. People can sit on the lawn, throw down blankets, or whatever!

Greek Island Camp Out

Pick a warm night, find an extremely large tent and invite your friends over for an evening of music, tall tales, melted marshmallows and S’mores. Rent a large party tent from the local rental store. Set the tent up in either the front or back yard of a fraternity or sorority house, or use a location on campus. Check with the proper authorities about getting permission for building a bonfire/campsite fire. Emphasize the point that the event us non-alcoholic with your members and guests. Spend part of the evening telling ghost stories, tall tales and other campsite fiction. Put on some music and roast marshmallows and hot dogs. Make S’mores. Get out some playing cards and play poker and other card games.Inform everyone that this event is a sleep over. All participants are responsible for providing a sleeping bag and pillow — one sleeping bag for every person. Everyone must sleep in the tent. When the festivities are over, throw down those sleeping bags and crash. Be sure to have breakfast food ready for the morning. You can either cook out again, or head inside for some cereal, bagels and donuts. Be creative, have fun and watch out for the wild animals.

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