330+ Mixer and Social Themes Master List for Fraternities and Sororities Part 2 – alpha2Zeta

330+ Mixer and Social Themes Master List for Fraternities and Sororities Part 2

Part 2 of 330+ mixer and social themes for fraternities and sororities to use to plan your parties!

Pop Culture Mixer Themes



Animal House

Fraternity and sorority members partner to take a busload of orphans or underprivileged kids to a local zoo or animal park. Cap off evening with a theme mixer.

Beauty and the Beast

Sponsor campus competition with change used as votes. Find most beautiful girl and beastliest (hairiest, ugliest, etc.) guy. Set up a table in a prominent spot on campus with photographs and other displays. Co-sponsor with a sorority. Screen movies and TV shows with beauty and beast theme. Finish event with a theme mixer.

Brat Pack

Dress like one of the brat pack in a brat pack movie

Dukes of Hazzard

Dress like characters from the tv show and movie

Ensemble Party

Get together in a group and dress as an ensemble cast (Breakfast Club, Reservoir Dogs, etc).

Famous Couples

You and your date dress as your favorite famous couple. Have a contest for best costume pair.

Fast Times at __ High

Your school name goes in the blank. Dress as characters from the Fast Times at Ridgemont High, like Spicoli

Favorite YouTube Character

Dress as your favorite famous YouTube personality'

Film Festival

Use a theme, or focus on films with a certain actor or director. Co-sponsor this with your campus programming board, and have lots of popcorn and sodas. You can even set it up like a drive-in, projecting the movie up onto a big screen made of sheets tacked up against a wall. Get creative!

Gilligan's Island

Dress as your favorite Gilligan's Island character and decorate as an island oasis

Hollywood Celebrity

Dress as your favorite celebrity. Have a costume contest where the top three get a prize

Hollywood Hunks and Hotties

Dress as your favorite celebrity. Have a costume contest where the top three get a prize

Hunger Games

Started an annual hunger games function. Randomly pair dates by the wrist and tape a glow stick to your backs. The object is to ‘kill’ the other tributes by taking their lives (the glow sticks). Make the arena set in a woodsy area like a camp or a sponsor with land. Its super intense and also a relaxing time with a fire and smores available when you get out. Prizes for the most kills and last tributes standing.

Iron Chef / Chopped

Every group has someone that can actually cook. Why not have some fun with it? Gives each group a chance to get together around a central theme with a little competition involved.

Jersey Shore

Pick your favorite "Jersey Shore" cast member and take it to the extreme.

John Hughes

Dress as your favorite character from a John Hughes film: "Sixteen Candles", "Weird Science", "The Breakfast Club", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "Pretty in Pink" and so many other classics.


Vampires vs Werewolves

Pixel (8 Bit Revival)

(come as your favorite 8 bit game character – Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, etc.

Lord of the Rings

Elves, Hobbits, Wizards…and the occasional Troll

Harry Potter

Dress as anything from the world of Harry Potter. Also called Wizards and Witches


Dress as one of the X-men


Dress as an Avenger


dress up as your favorite Nickelodeon character

Pirates and Pixies

Hook or Tink, your choice

Rat Pack

Dress like one of the rat pack in a rat pack movie

Risky Business

This classic movie based party theme is from the Tom Cruise film "Risky Business". Attire includes a long sleeve button down pink (or white) shirt with tighty whitey underwear, white athletic socks pulled up, and dark sunglasses.


Build a huge bonfire and wear rags and "Survivor" clothes; smores, a few kegs.

Vampires & Slayers

Some people dress as vamps, some look like your typical Buffy the Vampire Slayer wearing crosses, carrying holy water, stakes, etc.

Village People

YMCA! Dress as one of the village people!

Walking Dead

Zombie Walk - Get a group dressed as zombies to stagger around campus in a parade. May need to get a permit for this.

Young Guns

Dress like Charlie, Emilio, or any of the Young Guns

Rhyming Fraternity and Sorority Mixer Themes



Beer Guts and Horny Sluts

Self Explanatory

BET Bros and CMT Hoes

Dress as you favorite characters on shows on BET or CMT

Bikers and Babes

Sons of Anarchy style theme

Bros and Hoes

Not Recommended in this day and age

Champagne and Cocaine


Corporate Lives and Trophy Wives

Self Explanatory

Freaks and Geeks

Based on the television series created by Paul Feig with Judd Apatow as executive producer

Joggers and Loggers

Lumberjacks and track suits with headbands

Jungle Cats & Silly Hats

Leopard prints and ears, and the craziest hat you can find

Kegs and Eggs

Wear PJ's to mixer and stay all night until you cook breakfast

King Tuts and Egyptian Sluts

Some thought needs to be put into these outfits.

Librarians and barbarians

Power suits and glasses for the ladies, viking helmets, chest plates, and beards for the guys

Lizards and Wizards

Interesting mashup

Mathletes & Athletes

Dress up as jocks or nerds, and have different competitions (like nerds vs jocks in flip cup, shot gun races, etc.)... At the end of the night the "team" (nerds or jocks) that won, gets something...like not having to clean up! It definately gets everyone competetive!

Pigtails and Pedophiles

This one is a little racy. Guys wear bald caps and beer guts, or creepy old man clothes.

Robots and Sluts

Out of this world

Russian Tzars and Ninja Stars

Interesting mashup

Secs & Execs

(Secretaries and Executives). Not that popular these days, although the girls could dress as execs too (wearing guys suits)

Shady Cops and Bikini Tops

Self explanatory

Souther Belles and Drug Cartels

This is a fun mashup with guys dressed as a drug kingpin, and girls as southern belles

Yoga Hoes and Workout Bros

Self Explanatory

Sports Party Themes




Crazy Bowling - Reserve a few lanes at your local bowling alley and have everyone dress in a crazy outfit (you can choose a theme). Every couple of frames, make participants do something different (ex. Spin around 5 times)before, after, or during their shots.

Handcuff Bowling - Give prizes to the top 3 couples


Day At The Driving Range - This activity is simply what it says, a trip to the driving range. Check with a campus or local golf course for a driving range for group rates and availability. Clubs may also be rented there. Golf pros may also be available to assist your members with their swing. Contests such as longest or shortest drive and most wiffs (completely missing the ball) may also bring a bit of competition and excitement to the outing. A thematic pre-or post-outing idea would be to watch movies such as Tin Cup, Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore. Consider prizes for longest drive, most ridiculous (authentic) golf outfit, etc.

House Golf - Each room in the house is a 'hole' w/ a different drink, foursomes of guys and girls drink their way around the house and get a 'score'

Fitness Class

Chapter can hire or request a fitness instructor to lead the chapter and another group in a short fitness class. Instructor can add in education on health and wellness and nutrition. Organize the activity to be low intensity so it would be inclusive for all fitness levels and the event is usually lighthearted since many times the exercises (Yoga) can become comical.


Honor football team with pig roast or barbecue. Fall event. Have coaches and seniors give testimonials. Finish with an outdoor dance or party.

Go to a Game

Take a group to a professional or minor league ballgame

Ice Skating

Meet up at your local ice skating rink. If you can rent it out for a night, even better. Have everyone pair up and have a figure skating competition. Either practice a bit and compete, or everyone improvises (more fun).

Jersey Party

Wear a sports jersey, play athletic games all night


Remember this game from elementary school gym class and recess? Find an open field, get a kickball, and invite a sorority to play on co-ed teams

Roller Skating

Meet up at your local roller skating rink. If you can rent it out for a night, even better. Have everyone pair up and have a figure skating competition. Either practice a bit and compete, or everyone improvises (more fun).


Find a powder covered hill nearby and break out the sleds. Make sure you have sleds for two! Hot apple cider spiked with brandy makes a warming drink.

Slip n Slide

Get some huge tarps for only a hundred dollars or so and then you just need soap and a water source


Take a trip to a snowboard trip. This one can be expensive.

Sports Center

Dress like your favorite athlete

Triple Crown

Horse racing / betting theme. Think jockeys and horses and the crowd

Volleyball Tournament

Invite the sororities over for a volleyball tournament. If possible, create a sand -volleyball court! Serve up some mocktails and have gag prizes, e.g. “Weakest

Serve,” “Most Sand in the Eye,” etc. For fun, change the rules or use a beach ball instead of a volleyball.

Swaps Mixer Theme



Hippie Swap

Dress in tie dye, long hair, headbands, sunglasses, and swap it up

Varsity Swap

Footballers and cheerleaders

Wedding Swap

new members dress up and get married to the pledges of the fraternity

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