330+ Mixer and Social Themes Master List for Fraternities and Sororities – Part 1 – alpha2Zeta

330+ Mixer and Social Themes Master List for Fraternities and Sororities – Part 1

Here are 330+ mixer and social themes for fraternities and sororities to use to plan your parties!

Anything But...Mixer Themes




Anything But Clothes things like Christmas paper, trash bags, soda boxes, wooden barrels, traffic cones what have you.


Anything But Cups is you bring items that aren’t usually used as cups, ie. pots and pans, lawn flamingos, what have you.

Beach Party Themes



Buffet Bash

Beach Theme with Jimmy Buffett music.

Beach Day

Bring coolers and towels, shade umbrellas and just chill.

Classic Social Themes



Great Gatsby

A Gatsby party is in tribute to the "The Great Gatsby" one of the great American Novels of the last century! So, you mimic one of Gatsby's parties, wearing 1920s clothing, decorating everything in the "art deco" style, and drinking champagne, (or ginger ale ) from beautiful champagne glasses.

At some Gatsby parties in the summer, where everyone had to dress in white, men wore beautiful linen suits. But for collegiate purposes it's a fabulous party to throw especially if 4 organizations go in on it together and really go all out. It's ideal for a once-a-year tradition sort of party.

Beer Olympics

People dress like the 80's like short shorts high socks etc. and you have to do either physical activity like pushups with beer in your mouth or beer pong flip cup quarters the winner gets a bottle. You partner up with a member of another fraternity (or make it a group as big as 8) and are assigned a country. You dress like members of that country's olympic team and compete in beer competitions (flip cup, beer pong, boat race, quarters, etc). You can have winners in each event.

Etiquette Dinner

Good etiquette and perhaps dance lessons from a professional before hand, then a formal dinner and formal dance. Can be followed by a food fight to relieve tension

Twirp Week/Sadie Hawkins

An old event that features gender role reversals. Girls ask guys out. Works best if several fraternities and sororities create various parties and events that dates can attend.

Masquerade Ball

This one is a bit more upscale. Suits and dresses and masks.

Black & White

Only black and white apparel allowed. Any other color gets removed from the wearer!

Kentucky Derby

If you have no idea what this theme is all about, it comes down to class. Ladies wear white dresses and huge hats, and men wear light colored suits, mustaches and tidy hair or fedora.


Traditional toga party (white togas) or non-traditional and wear whatever type of sheet you want!

Greek Gods

More specific Greek God costumes than general toga.


Hawaiin shirts, bikinis, grass skirts and drinks served out of coconuts

Headbanger's Ball

Black leather/chains type costumes. Separate into "bands" and play the interactive video game Rock Band.Keep track of scores and see what band gets the highest score. Wear band t-shirts and "rocker" gear, and listen to rock music.

Revenge of the Nerds

Everyone dressed up like a character from the movie- The Alpha Beta boys and cheerleaders, and of course the nerds.

Old South

Southern Gentlemen and Southern Belles sippin' sweet tea (spiked) and drawling all over the place.

Vics and Vicars

Also known as Tarts and Vicars where women dress in provocative 1800's costumes and men dress as Anglican priests or "Vicars".

Midsummer Nights Dream

This event should be held outdoors in a forest if possible. Decorate with white flowers, and white lights wrapped around trees, etc. Use illusions like hanging lights from fishing wire to make them look like they are floating. Ladies can dress as faries, long flowing white dresses. Elegant finger foods, fresh fruits.

Color-based Mixer Themes




Wear and decorate with anything Red, White, Blue, Spangled, etc.

Seeing Red / Red Hot

All decorations and clothing must be red. Dye refreshments and snacks red with food coloring.

Specific Color

Can only wear a specific color, decorations too

Pretty in Pink

Wear only Pink, or dress like a character from the movie

Red White and Bling

Pretty much self-explanatory

Black & Red

Can only wear black or red

Can't Be On Unless Its Neon


Rubik's Cube

Show up wearing different colored clothing, and swap with people so you leave with all one color.

Community Social Themes



Guest Speaker

Guest speaker: getting a well known person to come in and talk with students about how they became successful and taking questions on what people could do to get where their at. Talk to your campus activities office or your IFC public relations chairman for ideas on who would be good to come in and speak to the chapter. The topics covered are normally educational (AIDS, Drinking, Etiquette, etc.) which promote healthy lifestyles while earning respect from your peers. Some potential speakers include your school’s athletic director, your Greek Official, your faculty advisor, a professor, the police chief, the fire chief, or a famous alumnus.

Campus Security

Take some food and drink and mix and mingle with campus security to get on their good side. Beats constantly dodging them.

High School Cliques

Dress as high school clique: Jocks, Brains, Nerds, Bookworms, Etc.


Call your interfraternal friends and organize a progressive party night where men and women from different fraternities and sororities travel from one location to another doing, eating, and exploring a variety of activities. Consider this progressive idea. Have a year in one night progressive theme. Each fraternity or sorority that chooses to participate will decorate its site around one specific holiday. So, New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’ Day, Valentines Day, Birthdays and Halloween could all be celebrated in one night, but at different locations. How about this one? Start at ABC chapter house and watch the initial movie of one that has sequels. After the first movie and location, venture onward to another site and watch the sequel. Keep this going as long as you desire. Be sure to have plenty of popcorn and soda. Essentially, the progressive theme can be used with all sorts of ideas: around the world in one night, fun sports (darts, putting course, baseball toss), dinner, snacks & fun beverages, TV shows, music, bands, themes, activities, etc...

Campus Squares

Organize this event based on the popular television show Hollywood Squares. Solicit the assistance of your favorite Greek leaders, faculty, staff and administration to serve as the stars in the squares .A team could be organized to create the questions themselves. An interesting set of questions would include campus history, famous university alumni and current campus affairs.Try to use an auditorium or lecture hall for the event. Two rows of risers are probably easily obtained through the physical plant department. This option works equally well. A highly personable member should be designated the MC and act as

the hostess/host of the show. Perhaps, a local radio/TV personality would assist as the MC? The trivia questions and true/false questions can be taken from Trivial Pursuit or another similar game of riddles, questions and puzzles. Videotape this event for recruitment purposes.


Two of a kind - Two GLO's get together for a mixer


THree-of-a-kind - Three GLOs host one big mixer

Campus Crawl

Dress as your favorite sports team and do a walk through campus to promote your GLO




Scavenger Hunt

Takes a lot of planning, but just put together a list of items that must be secured, or activities that must be completed

Pub Trivia

Come up with categories and trivia questions. winning team got a $25 gift card for each team member. Make sure team sizes are the same, even if that means inviting two fraternities to match the sororities

All Day Party

Co-ed softball or volleyball. Grilled steaks with baked potatoes and tossed salads. Serve cold beer and red wine. Eat picnic style. Finish with an outdoor dance and fireworks.

Campus Croquet Tournament

Early fall event. Use a colorful revival tent, cucumber sandwiches and tea, prep or British clothing. Lawn chairs. Color-coded team mallets and balls.

Toilet Bowl

Members vs. new initiates flag football game, replete with cheerleaders and coaches. Loser fetes winner to a party.

Beer Pong Tourney

with DJ and the winner gets to have their favorite song played.

Water Pong

with DJ and the winner gets to have their favorite song played.

Game Night

Focus on social games like Apples to Apples, Pictionary, Catchphrase, etc to get your members and other groups to get to know each other and interact. Lots of games could be turned into drinking games. If you are up to it, have your small group play two or three games at the same time!

Capture the Flag

Create your own Capture the Flag course. The goal is to capture the opposing team’s flag. Use squirt guns filled with colored water to squirt them. Have teams of about 10-15 per side. Everyone must wear white t-shirts. The two sides get different colored water. Play a certain time, usually a pre-determined fifteen minutes with four quarters. As the opposing team approaches your Headquarters (where your flag is located), you squirt them. If your colored water hits their shirt, they must return to their homebase. Referees are needed to make sure the game is fair.

Grand Prix Race

Set up a course and have a Grand Prix race using tricycles or scooters. Award prizes to winning teams, best form, etc. Follow this with a cookout.

Wheel of Death

You make a wheel and put things on it such as boat race, a round of shots, slam a beer, funnel. well you also divide the people into teams and give them colored stickers so when you spin the wheel if lands on your color your team challenges another team to a boat race or something else, with these you get a chance to be original.

Clue/Murder Mystery

Pick categories like where it happened, who did it, what the murder weapon is, who got killed, etc (and you can make up some of your own). Each question gets a table, and 5 cards...one specially marked. Everyone pairs off and goes around to the tables. They pick a card and if it's not the marked one, they take a shot and guess again until they find it. The more tables the more fun, just make sure there aren't TOO many because then no-one will be able to remember all the answers!

Keg Off

Two teams of a frat and a sorority each team up- each get a keg and the idea is to finish the keg before the other team- its a lot of fun- usually t-shirts are made and its held in someones back yard- its a total blast and then everyone goes home and then goes to the bars or goes to a house party at the frats house or something- a word of warning though- keep an eye our for cheating- and also guys get this great idea to drink as much as they can and then throw up- but as long as that doesn't get out on control- its a total blast and it gets very competitive

Shaving Cream / Silly String Battle Royal

These are great fun, but cleanup sucks.

Costume (Misc)



Thrift Shop

Everyone goes and finds the most ridiculous outfit from thrift shops that they can. Set a limit on spend to $10 or something

Boots and Boxers

One year, you buys boxers, the other GLO buys pizza and drinks. The next year, switch the responsibilities. If it's your turn to buy boxers, your social chair gets a list from the other GLO's social chair with the size of boxers each guy wants. The two chairs pair everyone up, and get only the size of boxers. Buy matching boxers for each pair, and give a set to the other GLO's social chair, who gives the boxers to their social chair (with the guys' names on the corresponding boxers). The night of the social, everyone keeps their boxers covered until the revealing. You do a little strip show to find out who you boxer buddy is, and you're with that person through the rest of the social. Divide up into relay teams, and the losing team(s) pay for the alcohol. Sounds complicated, but always a lot of fun. Consider going to the bars in your boxers afterwards too.

Two-Yard Dance

Dates must wear an outfit made out of two yards of flannel and nothing else.




Taste of Tinder

Everyone has to find a date on Tinder

Speed Date

Sign everyone up and then pair them, play a bit of music, and allow three to five minutes for each pair to get to know one another. A simple rotation. Keep in mind some fraternity chapters are a lot smaller than sorority chapters.

Date Dashes

Make pledges do “Date Dashes”. They think they are meeting for a regular pledge meeting, we take their phones then tell them they have 20-30 minutes to be back at the house with a date. Then we take them ice skating or dancing or something. It is interesting to see who ends up asking who. The stories of guys going up to random girls and getting them to grab them as dates is great. Or those guys with girlfriends running all the way across campus to find her. It also helps our guys get more comfortable with the ladies and shows us who has game. Also it gets our name out on campus. (Not necessarily a mixer)

Date parties/semi-formals

A lot of people like date parties, it allows them to bring their own date. These are usually pretty classy events where people go to nice hotels, dinner cruises on boats, wineries, etc.

Draft-A-Date/Crush Party

Sisters write down 3 of their crushes (#1 being the most crushed on and #3 the least)The crush's phone # or address must also be on the list. All the lists are put into a hat. Each sister will pick a list and they must find that sisters #1 crush and tell him only that he was invited to the (Alpha Sigma Tau) crush party. Give him a orange Krush soda can (thats his invitation) and tell him when and where to be the night of the party. If he can't go, the sister will ask #2 and so on. The fun part of this is that the sister won't know untill the night of the party which one of her crushes will be there. And the guy won't know what sister invited him there, unless that sister confesses.

Date Auction

Raise money for charity by auctioning off dates.

Xs and Os

Each of the girls invited 2 or 3 ex-boyfriends or male friends that they wouldn't mind someone else dating, and encouraged folks to make sure at least some of their invitees were non-Greeks. Don't tell the guys the point of the party ("uh, actually, we're trying to foist our seconds off on the other girls")It was a great way to meet interesting guys who WEREN'T in fraternities. Works great at huge schools.

Red Light - Green Light Swap

The guys and gals who are single wear green

The guys and gals who do not know their status wear yellow

The guys and gals who are taken wear red

Get Your Sister A Mister

Invite single guys to the party that you think a sister would like

Costume Blind Date

Do a costume blind date party at a local restaurant-- your sisters set you up with someone, and gave you half of a costume so when you got to the party you could find your date; one girl had bunny ears and had to find a boy with a magicians hat, and people with devils horns had to find their dates with devil tails, etc.

Kidnap Date

Also, a kidnap date party, where the date is a secret until you get a call and you have 1 hour to get dressed and kidnap your date. Hope these help...good luck





Flapper dresses and suits with fedora. Speak easy and swing dancing. Prohibition era.


Think World War II. Classic patriotic.


Sock Hop, Happy days. 1950s with skirts and leather jackets with white t-shirts


Disco, think Saturday Night Fever


Dazed and Confused, Woodstock, Electric Kool Aid (punch bowls with flashing Xmas lights between)


Prom (tease your hair like Debbie Gibson)


Everyone dresses like something from the 90's. People dressed like Quail Man, the Silver Snakes from Legends of the Hidden Temple, two red-headed guys were Pete and Pete, we had Nirvana, girls dressed like Madonna with the cone-boobs, boy bands, the Spice Girls... really your imagination was your only limit with this one.

Floors - Requires A House With Multiple Floors



Around  The World

Everyone dresses up like they are tourists and going on vacation, with cameras. Each room has décor fitting a port, such as a RUSSIA, MEXICO, JAMAICA. Have a corresponding WHITE RUSSIAN, MARGARITAS, JAMAICAN VACATION. Each room also has an event or activity.

Great North American Quest

There has to be 3 floors, or 2 including a basement. The top floor would be canada and you would have themes and drinks from that country. The middle floor would be America and you would do the same for that, and the basement or the first floor would be mexico. Each floor you would have a drink from that country. If you were caught on a different floor than of the drink you had in your hand, the border control would catch you and you would have to do so many shots or drink so much to get to the next floor.

Heaven and Hell

Have multiple level homes, decorate one half as hell and the other half as heaven.Works best in a house with a basement and an upstairs. Sorority members dress as angels on the upper floor. Serve angel food cake and other heavenly fare. Fraternity members dress as devils and demons and set up in the basement. Serve devil’s food cake and similar fare.

Ship Wreck

The basement is like "hell" in heaven and hell party that is called ship. The upstairs is tropical islands. The t shirts say "she's going down and everybody's getting off."

Food Themes




Just throw a massive barbeque with beer, dogs, and burgers

Chuck E Cheese

Go after 8pm when there are fewer kids


Invite sorority over, make pancakes and hang out

Pizza Party

Hang out and eat pizza

Candy Shop

Serve delicious drinks and the girls love the sweet theme. The house gets decorated bright and with candy on the walls.

Dinner & Drinks

For non-alch socials on campus, go out to eat at a fancy place and then host a party afterwards.

Cook Out

If your house or suite area has an outside grill, take advantage of it! There’s something about grilling out and having some music that seems to make people happy.

Ice Cream Social

Quick and easy to setup, doesn’t cost a lot and gives the members something to talk about. Even the reserved members that wouldn’t start a conversation at a party find that they have an opinion on the best toppings for an ice cream sundae.

New Member Lunch and Learn/Meet and Greet

Upscale luncheon to welcome new members.

You Are What You Eat

Dress like your favorite food

Study Treats

Ask your cook to make some cookies or put together a fruit tray. Call a sorority to set up a certain time for the snacks. This will give everyone a chance to break the stress and get his or her mind off studying for a little while.

Pig Roast

BBQ some pork and hang out


Apple Cider and Donuts

Sundae Party

Go into the basement of a frat house wearing some nasty clothes. Have each person bring as many sundae toppings as they want and then participate in a keg race against the fraternity. Whoever wins the keg race gets to run up to the other group and start pouring the sundae toppings all over the losing team. Give the people that don't want to get stuff all over them time to get out of the way but its a really messy, really fun party.

General Mixer Themes



Party Animals

Everybody dress as an animal. The more obscure, the more interesting!

10 minutes before a Porno

Everyone dresses like they are about to shoot a porn video.

40s & Blunts

Pretty self explanatory


Everyone gets a "hello my name is ________" sticker and writes a name on it

All are One

Pick one costume and everyone at the party wears it. Great for going out to bars together and taking the place over! My brother had a Buzz Lightyear party and there were like 40 Buzzes. They went out to a bar and took pictures of everyone posing as Buzz!


Dress as a letter of the alphabet


Girls wear animal print and guys dress up like hunters.

Barely There

Use weird materials to make outfits that are barely there, gave birth to the saran wrap and caution tape "dresses"

Bayou Bounce

Cut-off jeans and camo, barefoot or boots. Serve crawfish, barbecue, or something equally Southern. Music should fit theme. Decor might be Cajun, redneck, or simply country.

Bling Bling Fling

A member date were you 'blinged' yourself up. Have snoop on the back of the t-shirts

Brawn or Brains

Muscle shirts for brawn, glasses, buck teeth and pocket protectors for brainiacs


You can interpret this one as military as well, or as white trash style camo

Campus Kidnap/Jail Bail

Set up a mock jail. Issue warrants and have female deputies round up the “criminals.” Charge for bail or release. Or, kidnap victims and ransom them. While waiting, treat them to a party. Might combine with a jailhouse party where couples dress as convicts and match up through matching prison numbers.

Catalina Winemixer

Reference to the film step brothers, and is essentially a flamboyant formal.

Catholic School

Girls dress like a catholic school girl-plaid skirt and all...boys in shirts and ties.. Partner up, one person is hall monitor and gives out detentions and one person is principal and you get sent to the office if you get detention. If you get detention, the punishment is to take whatever shot the principal gives you. Dirty Professor as an option.


Think Flintstones


Dress up for cocktail hour

Communist Party

Mustaches, big coats, accents, Red Army Choir album I background. Dirnks are vodka and beer. Potatoes and Bread to eat. Propoganda posters and USSR flags on wall. At midnight, Uncle Sam arrives and USSR falls. Variety of alcohol and food arrives and all the Commie stuff gets ripped down

Crazy Hair

All guests do their hair up crazy


Self explanatory

Cuffs and Fifths

Drop the handcuff key into the fifth and the only way to get to it is to drink the fifth

Dancing with the Stars

More of a formal event maybe, but get a ballroom dancing instructor from on campus to teach a few basic moves for the first 30 minutes, pick a partner, and have fun with it.

Dress to Impress

Suits and Dresses

Dungeons and Drag Queens

Get your geek and dress as a D&D character or as the opposite sex


One of the funniest themes, basically the girls dress "ho-ey" but it had a eskimo look i.e white, or powder blue, fur, feathers. Two girls got this fleece blanket from the thrift store and cut it up and managed to make 2 outfits from it lol. Guys were wearing viking helmets and parkas, one guy donned speedos underneath his haha. One guy (he wins creativity points) wore a tux and when i asked him why he was like "I'm a penguin" lol


Think spice girls on crack , for the girls it is all about big shoes and funky sunglasses.. boys, think austin powers

Fantasy Party

Everone dresses as their sexual fantasy


Similar to Cinco de Mayo. Sombreros, mustaches, margaritas, chips n salsa and mariachi music

Finders Keepers

The fraternity and sorority members give the others ideas for things to dress up as and you draw out of a hat to see what you get. Guys can end up dressed up as Tinkerbell, a Q-Tip, Batman, Cowboys, etc, and girls dressed up as hobos, Britney Spears (that was me! lol), Pippi Longstocking, Pregnant Teenager, etc.

Fire and Ice

Girls dressed semi-formal in red, orange and gold, and guys wear blue, silver and black, also semi-formal. Very fun!


No lights on, and everyone brings a flashlight. Glow in the dark decorations would be good.

Foam Party

You just rent a foam machine and people walk around rooms that are COVERED in foam. People end up getting quite slippery, and you never know what will happen!

Football Players and Cheerleaders

Self explanatory


Snoop, Tupac, etc.

Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve, and the snake. Girls have a special apple they can only hand to one guy.

Ghetto Drive In

Get a projector, set it up on the side of the house, pull your trucks up with the beds facing the wall. And bring out a few couches too.

Ghetto Glam

Dress like the 'hood rat you are

GI Boot Camp

Head out to the Army surplus store and dress like a soldier

Guys & Dolls

Dress like characters in the 1955 musical film starring Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra and Vivian Blaine.

Handyman's ball

Tool belts and butt cracks. Stained t-shirts and mustaches

Happiest Place on Earth

Dress as Disney characters, decorate with a Disney theme.

Hard Liquor and Hand Guns

Everyone dresses like SERIOUS thugs, and the fraternity passed out plastic squirt guns containing rum, tequila, vodka, or gin. Everyone went around squirting liquor into each other's glasses. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE today.

Harley Party

Motorcycle club wear

Honeymoon on the frontline

Everyone dress in army gear, if it was camoflague, tan, or green u were in it. One of the guys would come up to you and ask you to marry them and u procceed to go throughout various rooms of the house which were different stages. One room was the chapel, the honeymoon was downstairs and in one room upstairs, u had kids and then there was the divorce room.

Iced Out

The idea is to dress in all white, but of course you can be different. Maybe wear all silver then put gems on your face. Consider wearing all black and just saying "no white after labor day".

I'm Glad I'm Not

Lindsey Lohan, Bristol Palin, Jeb Bush

It used to be Cool

Wear outfits and items that used to be cool, but no one wears anymore. Like leg warmers, rubber band bracelets, bell bottoms, etc.

Italian Wedding

Suits, slick hair and cologne, wine, and italian music. Don't forget to break a glass now and then!


Everyone dresses up like escaped convicts; use handcuffs, etc. fun! Find some form of striped clothing, or dress as a warden, or dress like wives/girlfriends visiting their honey in jail (complete with a cake with a file sticking out). Go to the extreme as dress as an executed convict. Set up a "cell"in the middle of the basement and lock up your president until enough of the girls in your chapter sign his "pardon" ( his T-shirt).

Late-Night Playground

Remember the games from your childhood? Four Square, dodgeball, jump rope, etc. Have an evening of childhood games for everyone. Make cotton candy and other kid foods for snacks

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Dress like someone you would see on a 100 ft yacht sipping champagne.

Lumber party

Dress as lumberjacks. Shirts say "where everyone gets hammered and nailed"

Martini Monday

A way to look forward to Monday. A simple happy hour concept


Make a maze out of refridgerator boxes. Add black lights inside and several dead ends.

Military Party

Designate a few guys to dress as generals who can order people to do push-ups. If they refuse or cannot do the push-ups they have to take the mine field shot ( 6 shots, 3 are water and 3 are vodka, mixed up but you have to drink them all in 30 seconds)

Mini Skirt

All minis, all night

Miss America

Glamour dresses

Monster Party

Sponsored by Monster Energy Drink

Movie Night

Movie Night (rent a movie where they say one word repeatedly, last one to raise their hands has to take a shot. sober version: last one to raise their hands gets a truth or dare. Surf's Up [Big Z] and 300 [Sparta] work well. works best with smaller groups

Tie One Off

Everyone wears goofy ties

Nuts N Bolts

Guys get bolts, girls get nuts, and try to connect

Patty in the Pasture

Locate a suitable field, rope it off and mark it with gypsum into hundreds of squares. Sell tickets for each square. Place a single cow in the field and monitor it so that it does not leave the field. The first square the cow relieves itself upon wins a cash prize. While waiting, serve food from tents and party.

Plastered in Plaid

Wear only plaid

Playboy Mansion

DJ party with costumes

Player Hater's Ball

Guys dress as pimps, girls as arm candy


Self explanatory

Private Eye

Trench Coats, Sunglasses


Dress as something that starts with PRO. You can be creative, doesn't have to be just professional, can be Prolapse, for example

Rags to Riches

Trading Places: Dress up in rags or riches and at first you sit outside and drink cheap beer. you cant go inside till the cheap keg is done. then you go inside and have the expensive beer/wine/etc.

Class Warfare: Depending on your classification-- that determined your class. For example: The seniors wore formals and were served cosmos, wine, and "ritzy" drinks. The juniors were middle class and had mixed drinks, trash can punch and wore nice casual clothes. The sophomores were poor people and just drank nice beer and other suitable drinks. The freshmen were homeless and drank 40's and drank liquor out of the bottle. It was the fraternities idea and it came together very well. It was really cool to see so many different costumes!

Redneck Ball

Dress in gritty/nascar themed clothes, the sorority girls get boone's to drink, have a bluegrass band

Rescue Me

Where you can be a nurse, cop, firefighter, or even a super hero!


You dress like a robot! Some ideas include donning cardboard boxes with horizontal glow sticks on your chest... Girls can go as a FemBot from Austin Powers... Or dress up as Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator)... Girls can go as Rosie from the Jetsons cartoon. You can do a lot of roboty things with aluminum foil!

Rockstars and Groupies

Everyone dress up then go out for karaoke night.

Safe Sex Party

On the walls of the apartment, Staple condoms in the shape of your Greek letters which are free to take. All the songs at the party should revolve around sex and create them drinks like "blowjob" shots, sex on the beach, buttery nipple and so on.

Seven Deadly Sins

Dress as one of the 7 deadly sins rooms can be dedicate as well. For example gambling, wrath can be backyard wrestling, lust can be low light/making out, envy can be rich kids pouring expensive shots, but only a few people are allowed in at a time. Sloth is weed and munchies, stoner movies, pride is drinking games with mandatory gloating by the winner.

Sex Dice

10 people have the dice and they basically are treated like royalty (get them drinks, etc.), only way to 'unseat' them is to challenge them w/ sex dice

Sin City

Everyone interprets Las Vegas hotels

Soda Stand

Everyone wears shirts from different soda companies or types of soda. These shirts are pretty much found at Wal-Mart and Target and what not. You can also serve mixers using the different types of soda.

Sticker Social

Frat and sorority both get sets of stickers, both have different meanings and the others don't know what they mean...use things such as cutest, funniest...put the stickers on each other through the night and at the end reveal what each groups stickers mean.

Sunglasses at Night

For some reason, this simple theme is pretty popular


Big hair, high heels. I like to intepret this one Zoolander style

Tacky Tourists

Cargo shorts, cameras, etc.

The Seasons

Dress as your favorite season

Tour de Franzia

Teams of 4 (2 guys, 2 girls) race to finish a 5 liter box of wine. Bring a camera because the faces people make after trying to chug wine get pretty hilarious.


Find one other member of your organization and dress the same

Walk of Shame

Dress like how you look the morning after

What Would You Do For Money

Some frat guys have fake money (you dont know which ones) and you see what you would do for money. ie- go kiss him and I will give you a hundred bucks. at the end of the night, the one with the most money wins a prize!

What You Want To Be When You Grow UP

Dress as what you dreamed about becoming when you were a kid.

White Trash Bash

Wife beaters, mustaches, headbands for guys, missing teeth, etc

Winter Wonderland

Takes place on hottest day of the year, indoors with air conditioning turned way up. Fake snow and icicles. Pine and cedar trees. Use blue and white lighting for cool impressions. Build a snowman, carve an ice sculpture, or hold the whole event in a skating rink. Wear winter clothing.

Wisest Wizard / Wizard Sticks

Canned Beer. Every beer you finish you tape together to form a "staff". Taller the staff, the more advanced ou are. You can boss arouns all the other wizards below you and make them do anything you want. All wizards level 3 or above have their own "power word". which they choose. Every third level the can make up a rule that all other wizards have to obey.

WTF are you wearing?

Wear something that when someone sees it, their instinct will be to ask "WTF or you wearing?"

You Are What You Drink

Interpret Drinks into Costumes

Holiday Mixer Themes




Ugly Sweater, sexy Santa - Hunt a thrift shop for the ugliest sweater you can find, or dress as a sexy santa

Christmas Paper - dress up in wrapping paper

Christmas Party

This one gets ridiculous. Every guy brings a date and every guy has a Secret Santa. The presents, which are that person's favorite beverage, are called out by Mrs. Claus (one of the brothers). Then, the gift receiver sits on either Santa's, the Reindeer's, or the Elf's lap and each character has different instructions when people offer them things. Be sure there is lots of food and an amazing punch. And of course, everyone has to wear a tacky holiday sweater.

Cinco De Mayo

Margaritas, chips and salsa and tacos


Pumpkin Carving - Divide into teams and have a competition for best carving.

Classes - The different classes all dress the same. (At ours, the frat brothers made their new members dress up however they wanted-pimps, girls, etc.-and then they would make them sing in the middle of the party--lots of fun!)

Scream - Dress like characters from the Scream movies

Donner Party - (ie the people who did cannibalism in the the mountains during the gold rush)- Everyone dresses up like death... blood and gory and then have like finger and eyeball food you see at Halloween…

Black  Magic - Here’s an idea with a different twist. Card readers, crystal balls, fortune teller, magic crystals, cob-webs...the list of items with which to use during this event is endless. Decorate with blacks and whites. Have vases full of dead flowers. Set dry ice around the event location. Play music from old Halloween movies or from those scary Disney films you watched as a child. During the party, show movies with a black magic theme, such as Ghost. Think about cosponsoring the movies with the program board (remember the copyright laws).Make a run to the local novelty store before and pick up some easy magic tricks that anybody can use. If cost is a problem, ask everybody to bring a magic trick as their ticket to get into the event. Have the card readers provide fortunes to those who ask. Another spot can be the crystal ball area... a professional seer could be used here. Fortunetellers are always good laugh as well. Try to find one or two from your community to participate.

Mardi Gras

Everyone comes dressed up with masks, the event starts off formal with more traditional music before slowly transitioning into the chaos that is mardi gras. Beads, hurricanes, grenades, and crazy outfits

Obscure Holiday

Research an obscure holiday (can be local) and build a mixer around it.


Get some beer steins, barbeque some brats and sausages, serve with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, and have a selection of quality beer on tap

St. Paddy's Day

Lucky Shamrocks - St. Patty's Day. Dress in green with an Irish theme. Green Beer and four leaf clover everywhere

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yes there is such a thing. Its September 19th


Dinner Mixer - Before people leave for Thanksgiving break, host a dinner with a sorority. Cook the meal together, if possible. Play some games and enjoy the good food. This can be done for almost any holiday. Win, Lose or Draw Secure a few flip chart easels and plenty of white flip chart paper. Get some of those huge markers. Place chairs or couches around the room, facing the easels. Select teams. Play. All you need to do is follow the same format as the TV show. A group will need to select the words or phrases that the teams will draw during the event. Consider cutting words and phrases out of campus magazines or newspapers. Greek-related items are usually fun for people to try to draw. Campus organizations as well as the phrases and sayings particular to your campus and Greek community are good clues as well. Compete with different teams. Win prizes. This is a good warm up exercise before a dance, game or other campus or Greek event. Some Greeks have used this event as a study break activity between a fraternity and sorority. Some Greek communities have done this during Greek Week

Dress like Indians and Pilgrims and bob for apples

Valentines Day

Heartbreaker - For everyone who Is dateless on Valentines Day

Location Party Themes



Atlantic City

Head to the casino

Dave & Busters

Meet up at Dave and Busters. Pick three popular games and give prizes for high score

Cinco De Mayo

Margaritas, chips and salsa and tacos

Hookah Lounge

Call ahead and book your favorite hookah lounge, or better yet, create one of your own

Las Vegas

Self Explanatory

Local Tourism

Take a tour of your locale as a group.

Margarita Bus

Rent a party bus to take everyone to two or three local Mexican restaurants and have shots at each one.


This is a super idea for a late night event. Check with your local movie theater to see about renting out the theater after hours or for the latest showing (generally less crowded) of a particular movie. Try to work out a deal with the manager/owner or get a fixed price per person or couple that includes admission, and all the popcorn and soft drinks you can consume. If the movie has a general theme, consider coming in costume or character. If the movie is a sequel, the group should view the video that preceded the sequel prior to going to the theater. Before going to the theater, have dinner at the sorority house or lodge. There are other, similar activities that your group could organize. Contact a local skating rink. Have a late-night skating/roller blading party. There are also bowling alleys that stay open late. Try to work out a deal that would include a few hours of bowling (after normal business hours), shoes, and snacks

Ropes Course

Many campus rec centers are installing these. Here in Toledo, it is a popular feature for groups to have social events or team building. It’s something different an physically engaging

Student Night Out

Set up a student night at local entertainment attractions: miniature golf, movie theaters, coffee shops, sporting events, skating rinks.

Music Social Themes




Saturday Night Fever style


Party with house music


Jimmy Buffet, tacky tropical shirts and fruity frozen drinks

Hookah Lounge

Call ahead and book your favorite hookah lounge, or better yet, create one of your own

Puck Rock

Punk Rock meets Hockey

Punk Rock

Dress as your favorite punk rock band. Play Garage Band.


Dress like ravers and have a dj spin all night

Saturday Night Thunder

AC/DC Thunderstruck, other loud thunder related songs

Philanthropy Mixer Themes



Community Service

Community Service events also work as good mixers, with a purpose


We hosted an afternoon “dance” for a center for mentally disabled teens and young adults in conjunction with a sorority. The set up was pretty easy, some basic decorations, snacks, soda, and a some recorded music. We worked closely with the staff of the center. It was a challenging but worthwhile experience. Since it was a community service event, we were able to do something with a sorority that otherwise would have been “our of our league” so to speak–this built a good relationship between our groups and we ended up doing more together later.

My Paper Heart

(My All American Rejects) collect crayons, construction paper, and similar art supplies for a children’s shelter or children’s hospital ward; attendees wear red, white, or pink.

April Showers

Collect personal care items for a homeless shelter; spring break theme. Generally popular post-Thanksgiving prior to finals.

Bagels at the Beach

Collect non-perishables for a food pantry; have “beach” volleyball, bay breezes, and sort of beach attire. Luau type is also fun.

It’s in the Cards

Collect decks of playing cards, travel games, checkers, extra dice, etc., for a children’s program or shelter; casino night or Las Vegas theme type event.


Collect pet foods, toys, leashes, etc. for a local pet shelter; have a Just Dance or DDR tournament


Collect children’s books to donate to a library, school, or after school program; dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character, serve Green Eggs and Ham (Easy to make! We used to make it at the Pi Lam house at Pitt all the time for our annual Little Sister Brunch.)

Born This Way

Collect baby items for a shelter or pre-school; dress as what you wanted to be in elementary school (superhero, scientist, etc.)

Grand Old Flag

Collect items for soldiers’ care packages, VFW, Wounded

Warriors Project

or other veterans organization; patriotic theme – baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, etc. (skip the pyrotechnics)

Pop Culture Mixer Themes



Animal House

Fraternity and sorority members partner to take a busload of orphans or underprivileged kids to a local zoo or animal park. Cap off evening with a theme mixer.

Beauty and the Beast

Sponsor campus competition with change used as votes. Find most beautiful girl and beastliest (hairiest, ugliest, etc.) guy. Set up a table in a prominent spot on campus with photographs and other displays. Co-sponsor with a sorority. Screen movies and TV shows with beauty and beast theme. Finish event with a theme mixer.

Brat Pack

Dress like one of the brat pack in a brat pack movie

Dukes of Hazzard

Dress like characters from the tv show and movie

Ensemble Party

Get together in a group and dress as an ensemble cast (Breakfast Club, Reservoir Dogs, etc).

Famous Couples

You and your date dress as your favorite famous couple. Have a contest for best costume pair.

Fast Times at __ High

Your school name goes in the blank. Dress as characters from the Fast Times at Ridgemont High, like Spicoli

Favorite YouTube Character

Dress as your favorite famous YouTube personality'

Film Festival

Use a theme, or focus on films with a certain actor or director. Co-sponsor this with your campus programming board, and have lots of popcorn and sodas. You can even set it up like a drive-in, projecting the movie up onto a big screen made of sheets tacked up against a wall. Get creative!

Gilligan's Island

Dress as your favorite Gilligan's Island character and decorate as an island oasis

Hollywood Celebrity

Dress as your favorite celebrity. Have a costume contest where the top three get a prize

Hollywood Hunks and Hotties

Dress as your favorite celebrity. Have a costume contest where the top three get a prize

Hunger Games

Started an annual hunger games function. Randomly pair dates by the wrist and tape a glow stick to your backs. The object is to ‘kill’ the other tributes by taking their lives (the glow sticks). Make the arena set in a woodsy area like a camp or a sponsor with land. Its super intense and also a relaxing time with a fire and smores available when you get out. Prizes for the most kills and last tributes standing.

Iron Chef / Chopped

Every group has someone that can actually cook. Why not have some fun with it? Gives each group a chance to get together around a central theme with a little competition involved.

Jersey Shore

Pick your favorite "Jersey Shore" cast member and take it to the extreme.

John Hughes

Dress as your favorite character from a John Hughes film: "Sixteen Candles", "Weird Science", "The Breakfast Club", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "Pretty in Pink" and so many other classics.


Vampires vs Werewolves

Pixel (8 Bit Revival)

(come as your favorite 8 bit game character – Mario, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, etc.

Lord of the Rings

Elves, Hobbits, Wizards…and the occasional Troll

Harry Potter

Dress as anything from the world of Harry Potter. Also called Wizards and Witches


Dress as one of the X-men


Dress as an Avenger


dress up as your favorite Nickelodeon character

Pirates and Pixies

Hook or Tink, your choice

Rat Pack

Dress like one of the rat pack in a rat pack movie

Risky Business

This classic movie based party theme is from the Tom Cruise film "Risky Business". Attire includes a long sleeve button down pink (or white) shirt with tighty whitey underwear, white athletic socks pulled up, and dark sunglasses.


Build a huge bonfire and wear rags and "Survivor" clothes; smores, a few kegs.

Vampires and Slayers

Some people dress as vamps, some look like your typical Buffy the Vampire Slayer wearing crosses, carrying holy water, stakes, etc.

Village People

YMCA! Dress as one of the village people!

Walking Dead

Get a group dressed as zombies to stagger around campus in a parade. May need to get a permit for this.

Young Guns

Dress like Charlie, Emilio, or any of the Young Guns

Wisest Wizard / Wizard Sticks

Canned Beer. Every beer you finish you tape together to form a "staff". Taller the staff, the more advanced ou are. You can boss arouns all the other wizards below you and make them do anything you want. All wizards level 3 or above have their own "power word". which they choose. Every third level the can make up a rule that all other wizards have to obey.

WTF are you wearing?

Wear something that when someone sees it, their instinct will be to ask "WTF or you wearing?"

You Are What You Drink

Interpret Drinks into Costumes

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